Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Our church body is moving from a high school into a new building next week. In our last service after eight years at the high school, the pastors arranged a moving transition service. He asked anyone interested to write a word describing the state of themselves when they first came to Two Rivers, and on the reverse, each person wrote a word of change which had happened in them since. I heard about this in my small group, as our leaders invited us to be a part. However, I thought, "I came a Christian. Still am. How interesting would that be?"
Sunday, without words, the participants lined the sides of the stage. Silently they stepped one or two at a time to the platform and shared the words on their poster board. Here are some I remember:


this from a man who just lost his wife a few months ago


uncertain of God's love
confident in God's promises

this from a woman who has struggled through violent disease striking her child

isolated and lonely
new family

this from a true blue friend


desparate for children
1 baby and another on the way


free to dance

this from a woman who danced a solo at Easter

I was deeply moved.

Then I asked God if I'd been too hard hearted in my decision not to participate? The kind answer I recieved was in the form of a question, "What would your words on the card have been?"

I gave it some serious thought and prayer. I'd come to Two Rivers after moving from a church I'd served in for most of my children's lives. I'd expected one particular thing at Two Rivers and got quite another, more painful lesson. However, I know Buck and I are better people for it. So here are my words:

humbled (in the best kind of way)