Friday, September 08, 2006

I was delighted to see the tail end of the bunny fleeing into the bushes last night on my path. It was the tail end of my laps, and I thought, “God, if you have something to say, I’ve already run more than I should have, and my knees are screaming for me to stop. Would you mind speaking quickly though I know that’s not exactly how you work.”

Nothing .

I got to my destination beside my son’s soccer practice field and found a place to sprawl alone under the gorgeous clouds and bright blue sky. I thought, “This is a good spot to remain quiet and listening.” And I did until I got distracted by the practice game- a field full of mostly 10 year old boys with their shirts off sweating profusely, some with long hair flying behind them as they ran. All. Over. The. Place. When the coach took some time to explain something to the kids in mid-field, the ones closest to me and the goal began to make their arms into swinging elephant trunks and give wild explosive elephant calls. They also came up with a brilliant plan to do somersaults in celebration when their team scored. I was proud to see my son doing some interesting backwards footwork to free the ball from the mob and take control a bit.

“I’m supposed to listening to You, God” when I recognized my thoughts had wandered. I laid down face up to the sky again for a while until I heard footsteps close to my head. “How are you?” Tom, a team dad, inquired. I sat up and chatted, and somehow our conversation turned from science to intelligent design, evangelical Christians, faith, his opinion that the Bible is flawed but a good book to live life by, living a good life and being rewarded, then homosexuality.

I added a few comments to Tom’s well thought out and well put opinions. I believe the Bible to be fact, but I also believe too many people major in what I think to be the minors of inerrancy of the Bible and creationism, when the purpose of Christianity is RELATIONSHIP with Jesus and one another. And I know I do not deserve a heavenly reward in any shape or form for the good life I lead, because I fail and fail and fail and fail. Tom suggested a good life is a process as opposed to perfection to which I agreed. However, the more I try to lead a good life, the more obvious it becomes that I do not.

We ventured down the homosexuality conversation course a while, and he mentioned long term relationships and the need for couple’s rights to be acknowledged by the government. We spoke on gay pride and the uncomfortableness of PDA. I told him I think I regret not having friendship with anyone gay in that I’ve known people who’ve “come out” and then the friendship disappeared. There are still some people out there I consider to be a friend whom I’d more than welcome a visit or phone call. I didn’t have time to mention to Tom, the horrible job I feel we Evangelicals are doing regarding caring for homosexuals.

The conversation closed as the boys flooded from the field toward us.

So, I didn’t have any God bunny epiphanies, but instead good conversation. That counts for something I suppose.


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