Saturday, September 02, 2006

Gifted Response

I've been fooled by Matt Redman. Twice. I've never met him as he's a worship leader from England, but Buck was one of five hundred people he chatted intimately with at a Passion worship conference a few years ago. Anyhow, I've read his song title Gifted Response on my ipod and went through the same incorrect thought processes two times as follows- one might think I could learn from the first mistake, but apparently I'm not such a sharp study.

Inside True's head: Gifted Response- This song must be about how we as gifted and talented humans respond to God's love and revelation with something beautiful. After all, God created us, and I mean me, with such aptitude, ability, genius, skill, and we, I, have so much to offer God.

You may laugh now at how badly I missed the mark. The song couldn't convey a more opposite message than my arrogant thoughts. Matt gets something I often forget- we have utterly nothing within ourselves to present to God. Matt knows even our ability to respond at all to God is a gift from God Himself.

This is a gifted response
Father we cannot come to
You by our own merit
We will come in the name of
Your son
As He glorifies You
And in the power of Your spirit


We have come to something so mysterious
Too deep for minds to comprehend
Through the open door
Where the angels sing
And the host of heaven are antheming...
And we'll sing the glory of Your name
Celebrate the glories of Your grace
We will worship You,
We will worship You
And we'll make Your praise so glorious
Singing songs of everlasting praise
We will worship You, we will worship You

I am sadly stunned at my habitual lack of humility. However, I couldn't possibly work on it unless God, in His goodness, continues to reveal my weaknesses time and again. Now that's faithful.


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